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Open the headlamps or fog lamps in a rainy day

Datetime: 2015-09-15 00:48:09    View: 1468

Someone asked: open or open the lamp driving rain fog? How to answer it? Just answer: rain rain do not turn on the lights, open fog lights, Kaiyuan light to bring about.

In fact, if the rain, if in the daytime, can see, I have never opened a light.

This time for everyone to spread the knowledge, I also follow the study. Why to rain fog? I asked an experienced driver, he said not to turn on the lights to illuminate others, but to let others see their.

Indeed, fog lamp is mainly emit visible light yellow, and fog lights installed in most in front of the vehicle bumper below, lights light with each other the driver"s line of sight is not parallel, and can let other drivers know the existence of their vehicles.

In contrast, headlamps, regardless of the dipped beam and high beam, a light spectrum and line of sight are almost with the other driver parallel, this is in the murder. So don"t open the headlights.

In our country traffic law clearly stipulates: "when the night light is opened, or when there is fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and other low visibility conditions, we should open the front lights, the lights and the rear lights."